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Red Dirt Rocker
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Friday, October 12, 2012

CANCER SUCKS! Morgan's Fight---My Fight~~

Tonight is Homecoming for the Coweta Tigers, and there have been lots of crazy festivities this week at the schools.  Morgan Mitchell, a Senior at Coweta, is up for Homecoming Queen.  What a beatiful young lady she is.  She just found out recently, that her cancer has come back for the third time.  Where most girls fret over what cute outfit to wear to school that day, Morgan probably wonders if she's going to have hair for prom that year.  (She didn't last year, and Forrest said she was one of the prettiest girls there that night---they had a blast dancing and taking pics.) 

Cancer has affected my family greatly over the past couple of years.  Two of my nieces, both under the age of 23 at the time, have delt with and are dealing with cancer, my little sister Shannon had a double mastectomy and chemo after finding out that she had breast cancer, and my dad just had a tumor removed from his thyroid a couple of weeks ago.  To put it bluntly...CANCER SUCKS! 

My prayers are with anyone that is dealing with the disease, either themselves or a family member.  Morgan is up for Homecoming Queen tonight.  She would surely look gorgeous in the crown.  Our town-wide slogan is, "Morgan's Fight--My Fight."  Morgan and all my family members that have had to fight the sucky disease of cancer are my heroes...they inspire me every day.

Much love and support---and Go Tigers!!!!!!

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