Red Dirt Rocker

Red Dirt Rocker
Y/A novel by Jody French--Inspired by the adventures of musician- Forrest French

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Miles In The Dark

Last night as I cuddled under my favorite quilt in my most comfy yoga pants, Forrest texts me.  "Can you come to the track?" was all it said.  It's after 8:00, the sun has gone down, it's very cold outside, and my "guilty pleasure" show, The Housewives of New York Reunion, was just getting ready to start.  I texted him back, "why?"  He just said, "you'll see."  Great I think.  Did he dent his truck in, get punched in the face, etc.  So---I get up, pull on jeans and my big puffy winter coat, get in my car and head to the track across town.  I pull up and see his truck, but no Forrest.  I wander out with hesitation to the seemingly abandoned, dark track and see a lone figure running with hoodie pulled overhead.  It's Forrest, but as he nears me he keeps running.  He starts another lap.  Now I'm worried.  Is he so upset that he can't even talk to me...why am I HERE?!  I walk toward him a second time as he nears the bend once more.  He continues to run past me, but faster and motions for the finish line.  As he sprints past the line, he turns, throws down his headphones and stumbles a couple steps my way.  I put my hand on his shoulder and ask what's wrong...what's going on.  He just huffs and says, "I just ran 10 miles for the first time ever, and I didn't want to finish alone."  I was so relieved and hug him up.  Forrest isn't a runner.  He lifts weights, but when he runs, it's never for 10 miles.  He had been running (and praying) for and hour and a half solid. He wanted his Mama there when he accomplished his goal---he didn't want to be alone. As much of a pain that it was to get dressed and leave my warm house on a dark chilly night for reason unknown, I was so proud that he called me. He knows that I'll always be there---he'll never be alone~~ 

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