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Red Dirt Rocker
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Nascar Drivers and Special Needs Children~~

Visiting tonight with my cousin from Coweta that lives in Dallas who has a daughter with a very rare disorder. We are at the point of laughing at some of the crazy stuff that families of these children have to go through medically---like me and Sky killing 31/2 hours in Tulsa after Eddie Jett's first Dr. appt. today, waiting for a second referral, but the wrong address was on the paper. We arri
ve, unload, walk up, stand in line..."Hmmm...noooo...he's not suppose to be here---hmmm...he's suppose to be all the way on the other side of Tulsa, like RIGHT NOW." Then (I have to be nice here) a dude parked and blocking the entire intersection in front of the Hospital is just chatting away with his "girlfriend" in another car parked directly beside him--we honk...he doesn't move...we honk again---he waves us off--gets mad, hand gestures us, and tells his "girlfriend" NOT to move her car---that we can just sit there until he's good and done!!! (Jody, controlling her impulse to RAM them out of the intersection)... 5 minutes later---Enter traffic jam backed up for 5 miles at a complete stand still between Harvard and Sheridan---(oh and your road construction!) Then my car, feeling like it's gonna break apart because it has strut issues from being rear ended twice this year, as we fly down the Creek Turnpike, yelling like crazy feinds at everyone to "get OUT of our way!" because we're NOT going to miss this appt this afternoon...mainly because Sky is trying not to go into labor in the midst of trying to get Eddie help. (Cross your legs Sky) Drive 3 times around SouthCrest (left turns only like Nascar) trying to find the right entrance----unload, I carry Eddie Jett up (Sky carries Annabelle with a waddle) and thank goodness Daddy Jeremy, who is done with work for the day, is there waiting for us! Eddie Jett leaps from my arms to his, smiles huge, and gives Jeremy the biggest hug and "oooohh" in the sweetest voice---

My cuz Shelley made me laugh so hard as she told me about her mother having to drive the "get away car" many times as Shelley stole things from the hospital to help keep her little Zoe ALIVE---(seriously) Oh, the choice words slip from our tongues every so often, as much as we hate to admit it in the midst of these "adventures." ---

Shelley's blog is great for anyone with a special needs child in their family---"Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma." We think Skylar should write in a guest blog :) You have to give up and laugh at some point ---Eddie Jett always does!

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