Red Dirt Rocker

Red Dirt Rocker
Y/A novel by Jody French--Inspired by the adventures of musician- Forrest French

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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I always enjoy listening to, and watching CMT music videos in the morning while I'm getting around and ready---what I don't enjoy is the moment that happens each morning when Valerie Bertinelli pops on after a cool Brad Paisley or Zac Brown video and says, "don't touch that dial!!" Then a 10 minute Cindy Crawford Infommercial ensues for her "miracle skin serum." (every day at the same time.) We get it Cindy---your rich, you're beautiful, you have great genes, you're a model, you're iconic, you have a mole that I'm sure is insured, but I DON'T want your expensive skin care serum...I want Dirks Bentley!

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