Red Dirt Rocker

Red Dirt Rocker
Y/A novel by Jody French--Inspired by the adventures of musician- Forrest French

Monday, December 5, 2011

Signing my Publishers Agreement contract today for my book, "Red Dirt Rocker"

Good morning Sunshines!

After 2 years of writing, rewriting, and countless days of, "the ideas are flowing like wine," to countless days of,  "I cannot get motivated to put a sentence on paper", (or on computer screen), I am beyond thrilled to announce, that today, I am signing a publishing contract for my original, young adult book, "Red Dirt Rocker."  A book that I've written around working full time and part time.  A book that I have written around keeping three precious, busy bee, Grand babies, all under the age of four years old.  A book that I've written while still being a hands on, there-when-they-need-me, mom to three wonderful children.  A book that I've written around being the household accountant, cook, maid, errand runner, and  wife of a U.P.S. man that usually works over fifty hours a week.  A book that I've written after forty seven years of living on this earth.    

I've definitely realized this year that you're never too old to still be a dreamer, to learn something new, or achieve a goal you've been pondering .  Take all the good, and all the bad,  take all the heartwarming and heartbreaking times of your life, and either rejoice greatly in those times, or learn quickly how to put a spin on them for the best.

Start a journal, pick up your old art supplies, try a new recipe, sing a new song, play that instrument that's collecting dust in the back  room, ride a horse, get a puppy, take a short run, kiss your kids... kiss the U.P.S. man---(well... I can, he's my husband--he still might appreciate it though), heck...write a book!!!   YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I guess I shouldn't sound too preachy on the motivation stuff---I'm still snuggled in bed as I type this morning!  Time to rise and shine though, and  sign this contract that I never, ever thought I would finally be signing.  To put it in the mail today---to continue to work diligently, proudly, and gratefully.  Time to continue having faith that my hard work will pay off.  Time to keep moving forward...always time to keep dreaming!

Have a great Monday ya'll!!

Oh yes...and time to go grocery shopping too...we're out of everything! :)  It's a glorious, glamourous life~

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