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Red Dirt Rocker
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Movie "Courageous"

Me, Monty, Forrest, and some of his friends from Sunday School just got back from seeing the movie, "Courageous".   My eyes are swollen from the tears that drained from them during the film.  I absolutely give it two "tissue boxes" up!  The sleeves of my long sleeve shirt are still damp from wiping my eyes.  So glad it was a thermal...more absorbent.

If you are a child on this earth that has a father...yes, that's everyone, then you will find this movie beyond touching.  Children with doting fathers, absent fathers, part-time fathers, with "father's you've never met", fathers, etc., will find it to be a heart-string-pulling, compelling movie.

Don't expect, "Star Trek", effects, "Die Hard", action or "Rocky-like," sequels.  Do expect to smile, laugh, shed a tear,(or a couple hundred), and be inspired by the thought provoking, beautiful, small budget, story .  There should be more movies made like, "Courageous."

If you don't catch it at the theaters, please check it out on DVD when it is released.

"We were meant to be courageous"~~

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