Red Dirt Rocker

Red Dirt Rocker
Y/A novel by Jody French--Inspired by the adventures of musician- Forrest French

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've been procrastinating on the start of a new book.  Maybe it's something like, when you have a child and you think about having another one.  You think to yourself, how one can be as good as the one you already have?  Yep, that's pretty much how I've felt.

I've had an idea in my head now for over six months, so I finally made myself sit down and plan the birth of my second book!  As of this weekend, I am a chapter into a work of fiction that I've named Rock Angel.  It's built around a musican's life.  It deals a bit with domestic violence in families, but also has a cool fantasy element that Red Dirt Rocker did'nt have.  I tease and say that I should have made Forrest a "vampire rock star" in Red Dirt Rocker in order to insure it's success with teen readers.  Not every book can have fangs though.  I'm hoping that young readers can still sink their teeth into my books.  Ok, enough with the Twilight references.

Anyway---I have officially announced on facebook that I have started on book number two.  I'm hoping that it doesn't take me two years to complete like Red Dirt Rocker did.  I would give anything to have the luxury of skipping off to a shack on the beach or a cabin in the mountains (with wi-fi of course) and write my little old heart out, but that's not the case.  I'm a busy mom with several part time jobs, and am Ga-Ga of four adorable little grand babies with another precious grand daughter due in November.  I'm total hands on with them and baby sit during the week as well.  I do feel very blessed that I have such a beautiful and close family.  They inspire me every day, but the glamorous job of changing diapers and handing out cheetos is not neccesarily condusive to the writing process.

I did know that if I announced that I've started on Rock Angel that it would no longer be just a title and idea floating around in my brain.  I've named my next book baby and can't wait until I can announce it's arrival!

God bless and hope everyone is well!!



  1. YAY I know it is going to be amazing!!!! I cant wait to read it.. P>S> you still need to sign my copy!!

  2. Thank you Shelley! Are you coming in for the wedding in October? We'll be there...I'll bring a sharpie if you bring the book :)---Congratulations to your brother! Love to you all ~